Projects by yannickoΓ΄

Background Color Fader

This website just have a background color which changes constantly with a nice transition.

Screenshot of Contributions


Lists a GitHub user's repositories and starred repositories.

Screenshot of Unicodes


An overview of unicodes for easy finding and copying.

Screenshot of Alphabet

Alphabet πŸ”€

An alphabet, really helpful when your keyboard gets broken.

Screenshot of URL:DE


URL encoder / decoder

Screenshot of sn1ppet


A growing snippet collection.

Screenshot of Time


Shows the current timestamp.

Screenshot of Countdown


Countdown app with configurable expire date and message.

Screenshot of Keycoder


Displays the keycode of an entered character.

Screenshot of Geocoder


A small tool which helps you to get the coordinates for a specific address.


Displays text in psycho style.

Screenshot of drush site-install

drush site-install

Helps you to generate the "drush si" command.

Screenshot of BTC


Shows current Bitcoin rate in EUR.

Screenshot of Kash oder Kurs

Kash oder Kurs

A tool which helps you to calculate things.


Linked Field

Link any field to a specific value

Minimal Share

Sweet and simple sharing links for your content

Menu Link Attributes

Allows you to add attributes to menu links

Block Attributes

Allows you to add attributes to blocks

Image Class

Add a class attribute to your image fields

View Mode Selector

Imagine you could change the view mode per entity

Field Split

Split field values into different fields

Inline Entity Form Preview

Add a preview column to your inline entity form

YAML Editor

Adds an editor for YAML configuration textareas

Entity Block

Place your content entities as blocks


Integrates jQuery Backstretch into Drupal

Final Polish

At some point you need a final polish

Duration Formatter

Displays a number field as duration

Gallery Link

Trigger your image gallery with a link